Nouveaux Produits:
  Strictly Elvis 2
  From Cover to vinyl
  Holiday Season in Vegas
  For LP Fans Only
  Elvis '56 The Wild One
  St. Paul To Wichita
  Kissin' Cousins
  Made In Germany
  Fun In Acapulco Sessions (3CD set)
  Through The Lens Of Philip Harrington
  Elvis In Germany (Rercord Store Day 2019)
  The Compl. 50's Movie Masters (Record Store Day 2019)
Bestsellers :
  Strictly Elvis
  The Bicentennial Show
  Where no-one stands alone (CD)
  Elvis Files Magazine 24
  What Now My Love
  Calendrier 2019 Dream Inernational
  Calendrier Danilo 2019 30x40cm
  Holiday Season in Vegas


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